What a superb surprise! A guy turns up at the Fort Perch Rock Gig all the way from Australia with 2 GOLD DISC Awards for Gary and Eddie relating to EMI and the success of their Flaunt the Imperfection Album down under in Aussie and New Zealand all those years ago. Well done G & E You Deserve It!

You can download the sheet music from the video: China Crisis: Black Man Ray (E. Lundon)

CIA Archives: Anti-US Propaganda Intercepted from China – Listening Post (1960) In China, there has been a history of anti-Americanism, beginning with the general disdain for foreigners in the early 19th century that culminated in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. Later, Mao Zedong described the US as a “paper tiger,” occupiers of Taiwan, “the enemy of the people of the world and has increasingly isolated itself” and “monoply capitalist groups.” The Taiwanese Strait Crisis has led China to blame the US for any issues that arise in the bilateral relationship between China and Taiwan, as they believe that American support of Taiwan is an effort to weaken their country. Recently, in 2009, Luo Ping criticized America’s laissez-faire capitalism and said that he hated America when the United States Treasury would start to print money and depreciate the value of the dollar, thus cheapening the value of China’s purchase of US bonds. Chinese hackers have also conducted extensive cyberwarfare against American institutions and citizens targeting the US and its Western allies. Furthermore, China’s leaders present their country as an alternative to the meddling power of the West. A listening station is a facility established to monitor radio and microwave signals and analyse their content to secure information and intelligence for use by the security and diplomatic community and others or to make local transmissions more widely available, thus the London pirate listening station streams London FM pirate transmissions via the internet to the global