Back Up And Push- Ball Sisters Band at Warriors Path State Park Folk Life 2009

Jessica Ball on the fiddle with Old Time fiddle tune “Back Up and Push”. Cris Ball on the mandolin, their father Randy Ball on the guitar, and John Skelton is on bass. This was recorded in July 2009 at the Warriors Path State Park campground arena at the summer Folk Life Festival 2009. The master of ceremonies is park naturalist Marty Silver. Warriors Path is located on the south side of Kingsport, Tennessee on (TVA) Fort Patrick Henry Lake.

If you like this piece you can download Back Up And Push by Folk sheet music online in digital format.

Back Up And Push

Joe Jewell, Gresham McMillan, Clancey Ferguson, Roger Fountain at the Ozark Folk Center

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If you like this piece you can download Back Up And Push by Folk sheet music online in digital format.

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