paul simon – armistice day

Self-titled – 1972

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Armistice Day: Paul Simon

Cover by Dr. Savarese in DADGAD Tuning

History QUESTIONS HELP PLEASE!:)? 1.The Middle East is the spiritual homeland for which of the following world religions?A. JudaismB. ChristianityC. IslamD. all of the above2.All of the following are reasons why the Ottoman Empire was able to successfully accumulate power and territory EXCEPT:A. previous migration patternsB. the Mongol invasionC. the Crusades and the decline of the Byzantine EmpireD. weak horse riding skills3.Allied forces and Germany signed armistice on November 11, 1945, ending World War I.A. trueB. false4.Under the policy of apartheid in South Africa interracial marriage and interracial activity of all sorts were outlawed.A. trueB. false10.What was the name of the several-day protest for political freedoms that ended when the government fired on the crowd in China?A. The Great Leap ForwardB. The Cultural RevolutionC. Tiananmen SquareD. Market Square11.Identify the individual who was responsible for explaining the circulatory system.A. Rene DescartesB. Robert BoyleC. Isaac NewtonD. William Harvey 15.Conflict in Iraq continues into recent times because of the differences and conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.A. trueB. false18.Which of the following was NOT one of the significant results of May 29, 1453?A. This date marked the fall of Constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire.B. Constantinople was renamed Istanbul.C. The Hagia Sophia Cathedral was demolished when Ottomans took control.D. The Ottomans took control of the Black Sea because Istanbul was located on the straits.19.These trials put Nazi leaders on trial for crimes against humanity.A. BrusselsB. RomeC. NurembergD. Paris20.Stalin unified the Soviet Union after the death of which influential leader?A. Czar Nicholas IIB. LeninC. ChurchillD. Mussolini21.The goal of the Cultural Revolution was to bring China back to the greatness of its past.A. trueB. false22.Benito Mussolini and the Fascist Party controlled and monitored newspapers, radio, and films to ensure that all communication followedideology.A. trueB. false37.Italy secretly left the Triple Alliance and joined the Triple Entente shortly before WWI.A. trueB. false38.Which world leader represented the Soviet Union at the Potsdam Conference of 1945?A. Winston ChurchillB. Harry TrumanC. Vladimir LeninD. Joseph Stalin39.Identify the two key figures who led movements in South America’s struggle for independence from Spain.A. Toussaint L’Ouverture and NapoleonB. Simon Bolivar and Jose de San MartinC. Thomas Jefferson and John AdamsD. Otto von Bismarck and Camillo di Cavour40.What direction did the Northern Renaissance take?A. The Northern Renaissance emphasized classical learning to drive religious reform.B. The Northern Renaissance placed an emphasis on the Catholic Church.C. The Northern Renaissance focused on only writing.D. The Northern Renaissance focused on returning society to medieval times.Thank You!!<3

Check out digitalized sheet music for Simon: Armistice Day

1. d2. d3. b4.a10.c11 d15.a18. c19.c20. b21. b22. a37. a38. d39. b40. a