Matchbox Twenty @ The Apollo Manchester – All Your Reasons

Matchbox Twenty @ The Apollo Manchester All Your Reasons May 6, 2008

All Your Reasons by Yale sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

That’s Why I Chose Yale

An introduction to undergraduate life at Yale College. The project was an independent collaboration between Yale undergraduates and recent alumni working in the admissions office. All filming, editing, and vocal recording was done on Yale’s campus exclusively by Yale students.

Which of these two is the better response to the Crowley/Gates matter? Option 1: Create more sensitivity programs centered around Afro-American sensitivities. Make sure that all African-Americans are trained to be more assertive, more vocal in crying out about their victimization particularly at the hands of the police, of employers, of the justice system, and of society at large. Set up special conventions to stop profiling and black victimization in all our major cities, with programs and displays, the I-Max type videos, like at the Holocaust museum in Washington DC. Send out History Mobiles around the country to all the schools showing film and still pictures of black victimization, in the South, in Chicago, In Detroit, specially trained Park Rangers would give live lectures and answer questions, for a few decades, until every kid had seen the program at least five times, and the Harriet Tubman story at least 10 times.Option 2: Reduce the Federal funding going to Harvard University and specifically to any of its programs that are oriented toward Identity Group history, ethics, or politics. Do this for all elitist Eastern Establishment universities, not just Harvard, but also Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, Princeton, etc. By systematically withdrawing support for Race Related Studies programs create a learning environment in which people could not get a degree from one of these universities by learning all about their own (or anybody’s) racial group, it history of victimization, it’s problems, it’s disadvantages. Create a learning environment in which each graduate comes out of the Ultra-Prestige Universities with a degree that will allow them to earn a living without fostering more Identity Group Awareness and/or militancy, and/or crusading or baiting. Something like engineering, or accounting, or small business management, or dance, or painting, or English, or finance, or pure science. Keep eliminating Federal funding, at the rate of 10% per reduction until these Ultra-Brilliant Centers of All Wisdom get the message. If they never do, cut 100% of all Federal funding going to them. Let them be Ultra-brilliant on their own nickle. That would called the Veritas Program of Arrogance Reduction and Social Stabilization.Please just pick Option #1, or Option #2.After that, if you have time, give me some reasons for your choice.Please don’t mush the two options together, by trying to choose both. If you choose neither, then, don’t bother to respond. I want responses not insults. The idea is to put yourself through the full thought process required to decide which of these obviously extreme alternatives is the worst, and which is therefore the better. Nobody here, or anywhere else is likely to implement either of the options as written. But you can know yourself better and more deeply is you just make your choice between these two options. Thank you so much, please pass the thoughtful answers, hold the pickles, and the rebukes.

All Your Reasons by Yale sheet music is available for downloading in digital format.

2. It’s time for everyone to move on and be truly one country. God loves rich variety, and here we are. If you go back to the dawn of time or just the last century you will find that people are capable of doing horrendous things to eachother — wait look at the news from five minutes ago — see human nature hasn’t changed. Focus on the good. Move forward. Improve the world.

Option 2. Option one may appear to be ‘fixing’ the problem, but by dividing people in to ethnic groups, giving preferential treatment to minorities, etc and it only perpetuates discrimination and racial tensions. It is forcing it upon people. Option two does not try to force people to accept an idea, because it is not being taught and it does not further the racial divide. Option two also would allow for the removal of the system in schools where professors and teachers use their position to advance a political interest.

What seperates Yale from the rest.please read my answer? This is the question on the Yale app that basically asks: why YaleAfter reading this prompt I searched for unique reasons that instigated my love for Yale. The truth is, I want to attend your fine institutions because of your varied, extensive resources and attraction avialable such as the Gutenberg Bible, the distinguished ethos of Yale and the fine architecture. Most of all, I would like to earn the best possible education so that I may use it to better the economy and the lives of those less fortunate. I know the last part seems a little fake ,but my life story and the rest of my essays support this claim.
Pretty much, Patrick said it all.What’s your word limit? I would say that you could use more examples. For example, what part of the Yale education (other than the title) will help you better the economy and lives of others? How do you know that they are the best for what you want to do? If you are short on words, you can delete the first sentence, I’ve read a bunch of these for my mates and they, sadly, all start out that way. Just a thought. They know you have to search for reasons, that’s kinda obvious. I would definitely look more into their business program, if that’s what you are going to apply to, or whatever major you are going to apply to, look at their current research and see what interests you. Mention it.

It was painful to read this paragraph. Delete the first sentence. If you had to search for reasons you love Yale, then you obviously don’t. Also delete “The truth is,” which generally begins anything that isn’t really the truth. It is also poor writing. You have only a very limited space, so make it count by saying things with actual content.The phrase “your fine institutions [sic]” is meaningless except as flattery tending toward obsequiousness. Yale knows it’s a fine institution without your fawning. However, if you were to say that you want to attend Yale because it’s the best school in the country (or one of the best) for X (and/or Y and/or Z) for A, B, and C reasons, then that would show your knowledge of Yale, the depth of your ambition, and your sense that attending Yale is a privilege not to be taken lightly. It is, in fact, more like a responsibility. “Your varied, extensive resources” says nothing about your knowledge of Yale’s resources and their fit for your educational and life plans. The vagueness of the phrase shows you’re trying to get away with failing to do your homework.”Attraction[s] available” comes close to saying Yale is an amusement park, but an awfully prestigious one. Tell me, how many times do you think you’ll go to see the Gutenberg Bible? Do you plan on being a religion major or working toward being an archivist? This fact is the one real detail about Yale you give, the one real piece of knowledge that the average person wouldn’t know unless she went to the homepage of the Yale website or looked up “Gutenberg Bible” on Google. Any of Yale’s admissions officials looking at this would see that you never did more than scratch the surface in your supposed investigation of their institution.”The distinguished ethos of Yale” is yet another phrase that sounds as if it means something when it does not. How does it show your knowledge of that ethos? What distinguishes it from that of other institutions such as its nemesis, Harvard?You probably think that referring to “the fine architecture” makes you sound like a connoisseur. It does not. It makes you sound as if you’re stealing text from a third-rate tourist guide. You might as well be writing about a hotel. You reveal that you know nothing about the history of Yale, its founders, or any other reasons why the architectural style, which is very homogeneous, was adopted and maintained throughout centuries. The last sentence says nothing about how you would use Yale’s specific resources and ethos to achieve what you want. I hope you have been detailed enough in your other answers about how you would “better the economy and the lives of those less fortunate.” So, to summarize, this essay is garbage. The only impact it would have on your application would be negative. You need to speak in specifics, and you’d sure better proofread better than you have here.Take care, and best of luck.