Bach – Prelude & Fugue in B, WTC Book 2, no.23 (BWV 892) Eunice Norton, piano (1968)

Bach – WTC Prelude and Fugue #23 in B Major (Bk 2), BWV 892 Eunice Norton, piano Recorded in 1968.

Download digital sheet music: The Well-Tempered Clavier (Book II). Prelude and Fugue No.23 in B Major (Ed. G. Keller), BWV 892 – Johann Sebastian Bach and play it off-line

JS Bach – Prelude and fugue n.23 in B major BWV 892 (WTC II)

Fugue at: 2:12 Well Tempered Clavier – Book 2 Kenneth Gilbert, Harpsichord Well-Tempered Clavier II-Gillbert playlist: