Unless He’s Real- Shawna Flyy (Prod. Deep Thoughts)

[1] A gentleman will do a good deed for his soul While in business with other men a favour has a toll Good luck tryna find a man to settle down I havent had a date since I settled in town Now what is the problem I can’t be that bad For your own information I am really quite the catch What I can’t understand is what happened to romance If you never been in love you should give it a chance No need to hesitate, let’s go on a date If we don’t work out then I believe that it’s fate I don’t complain but I’m endlessly searching I’ve tried every engine like quest but the flirting Always leads to a dead end I’m not impressed All I have to offer you in space in my chest That’s from within my heart and I think before I speak I was hoping just maybe you would ask me out to eat [HOOK] No good deed goes unfulfilled No man’s free unless he’s real Loving me I like the feel I can’t believe it seems surreal [2] I’m telling my girl about our date over the phone For the first time ever I feel lady like and grown That is what I told her and I mentioned your moves The way you always laughing has got me confused It seems my happiness is to good to be true So I’m tempted to leave before my heart turns blue Irning green with envy but I’m starting to trust Cuz to get you must give and that is a must So when other girls check you out I feel lucky Your preferals don’t budge as if they were ugly So I’m telling my girl that I’m feeling fulfilled Mt heart is on my sleve and my guard has been spilled

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Madly In Love; A Justin Bieber Love Story; One.

Hey guys, this is my very first and I hope you all like it. And PLEASE leave comments on what you think of it. No hate please. Thanks.? Love, Amanda. ___________________________________________________________ Crystal; POV (Point of View) “Mom?” I asked closing my bedroom door behind me. “Yes, Crystal?” She took of her glasses and smiled. “Umm..I..umm..” I showed her a brochoure (sp?) of a camp. The camp was obviously in the summer and it was about singing, music, SINGING. And i really wanted to go. “You want to go to this camp?” She asked. “Yes, really bad mom. It could help me. You know?” I was hoping for a ,” Go ahead sweetie!” I played with my thumbs nervously. “Crystal, how much is it?, first off.” “It’s only 150 mom! Please, Lauren is going!” I litteraly begged on my knees. She thought for a minute and opened her mouth. “Alright. But, you better start packing cause’ you leave tomrrow.” She pointed at the date. Damn. It is tomrrow. “Kay! Thank you, Mom! I love you so much!” I gave her a kiss and ran to my room. I HAVE to tell Lauren about this. __________________________________________________________ Phone Convo with Lauren. Crystal; Lauren! Lauren! Lauren: Can you go?! Crystal: YES!! Lauren: *screams* Oh My Bieber! I can’t wait! Crystal; Lauren, really? Lauren: Really, what? Crystal; Oh My Bieber? *laughs* Lauren: *laughs* Okay well can your mom pick me up tomrrow morning? So you know, go together? Crystal; Sure! See you tomrrow! Love you Bye! Lauren: Alright