Quarto Quartet play Johannes Brahms – Piano Quartet in C minor Opus 60 (Part 4)

This is a part of Quarto Quartet’s concert in the Grand Bulgaria Hall; 1 March 2011 (Live recording). Johannes Brahms – Piano Quartet in C minor Op. 60 “Werther” Ivan Penchev (violin), Tatyana Todorova (viola), Stoyan Bozhkov (cello) and Darina Vassileva (piano) The Brahms C minor quartet, although it was published in 1875, much later than his Opus 25 and 26, was actually begun several years earlier in about 1855. Most scholars agree that the first and third movements have their origin in a C sharp minor quartet that he put aside after disappointing rehearsals in 1856. In 1874 he returned to it, revising it, changing the key, adding a scherzo and writing a new finale. quartoquartet.com quartoquartet.blogspot.com The piece was conceived during a very trying time for the composer. His good friend and mentor Robert Schumann had become severely mentally ill and died tragically of the effects of syphillis in an asylum in 1856. The young, perhaps idealistic, Brahms was in love with his friend’s widow, Clara Wieck Schumann, a brilliant musician/composer in her own right and Brahms’s intellectual and musical soul mate. The nature of their relationship has been the subject of much speculation. What is certain, is that the two remained very close until her death in 1896. Brahms’s frustration at the impossibility of their love almost certainly tempered the mood of this quartet. In a letter to his publisher, years later, at the time of its publication, Brahms himself drew a parallel

Download sheet music pdf: Piano Quartet No.3 in C Minor. Movement IV, Op.60 (Johannes Brahms)

Brahms, Piano Quartet No.3 in C Minor, Fourth Movement

The fourth movement of Johannes Brahms’ piano quartet in C minor. Although not one of Brahms’ popular works, it’s still one of my favourites. Allegro comodo.