D’un Siècle à l’Autre 2011 -7 – Boone, Trois Petites Pièces, N°2 For Diane, N°3 For Betsy, 1979

Claire Marchal, flûte ; Xénia Maliarevitch, piano ; Kamel Maad, vidéo ; Benoît Colardelle, lumière. Un pas, un siècle… entreDebussy et son “Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune” composé au crépuscule du XIXème siècle, et Furrer et son “Presto” à l’aube du XXIème siècle, un siècle s’est écoulé. Inventions, histoires, sons, photos… autant d’images qui déferlent dans nos souvenirs et que Kamel Maad rappelle à nos yeux alors que nos oreilles sont bercéees par les musiques qui traversent le siècle. Musiques en Lieux – 11 juin 2011 – Grange de Séraucourt (Meuse). Programme : 1 – Debussy, Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune, 1894. 2 – Gaubert, Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando, 1906. 3 – Satie, Nocturnes, 1919. 4 – Messiaen, Merle Noir, 1950. 5 – Boone, Trois Petites Pièces, N°1 For Ben, 1965. 6 – Reich, Clapping Music, 1972. 7 – Boone, Trois Petites Pièces, N°2 For Diane, N°3 For Betsy, 1979. 8 – Furrer, Presto, 1997.

Les Préludes (Arrangement for Piano Four Hands), S.97 – Franz Liszt sheet music is available online.

C-Murder – Get Bucked Get Crunked

Lyrics : [hook]2x Uh Ohhhh, there them TRU Boys go Uh Ohhhh, hit the muthafuckin flo’ [T-Bo] Aaaaaaaah!! Came in this bitch to shut this muthafucka down Baton Rouge and Louisiana so you know I’m bout to clown When the thugs get to bussin, duck down hit the ground Stay out my water boy if you don’t want to drown You keep fuckin wit me, they gone find yo ass dead When my song come on, they gon act a pussy on yo head This for them thugs in the club, who straight, don’t mind dying And them ballers in the parking lot, straight sitting on shine C-Murder called me up, and said “T-Bo it’s time to represent the dirty south and make ’em respect yo mind” Trunk loads of soldiers always starting some shit So stay the fuck from ’round us if you aint down with my click Be on the lookout for them boys with them rags ’round they fo’head, (Uh Ohh) Group of muthafuckas that got security hollerin ‘Code Red’ Get Crunk, Get Buck, ya’ll pussy bitches get stuck When we come to yo town, tear the fuckin club up Only white boy with the click, so you know I must be sick You don’t like me rollin wit TRU?, suck my fuckin dick I’m from that 504, minus 279 Come and get you somethin’, see me thuggin in that 225 [chorus] 8x Back ’em up, Get Crunk Back ’em up, Get Buck [Master P] Big Time baller, shot caller, hustler CP3, whodi they’ll bust ya Rolce, with 4 doors, Bentleys with mo-mo’s I aint Ludacris but I can throw dem bo’s Concerts stay packed, pockets gone stay fat TRU hot, tell the dj’s to play that