JS Bach – Secular Cantata “Auf, Schmetternde Töne Der Muntern Trompeten” BWV 207a (1/4)

A Drama in Music . Nameday of Augustus III, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland (3 August). Poet unknown 3 August 1735 1. March 2. Auf, Schmetternde Töne Der Muntern Trompeten (at 1:38). Derived from the third movement of Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 BWV 1046. See youtube.com 3. Die Stille Pleiße Spielt Mit Ihren Kleinen Wellen (at 6:03) Gächinger Kantorei Stuttgart Bach-Collegium Stuttgart Helmuth Rilling, Director Soprano: Arleen Augér; Altos: Gabriele Schreckenbach, Helen Watts; Tenors: Kurt Equiluz, Lutz-Michael Harder; Bass: Philippe Huttenlocher Text: 1. Chorus (S, A, T, B) Resound, pealing notes of the vigorous trumpets, Ye drums ringing thunder, raise high your report! Let charming viols delight now the ear, Seek now on flutes the fairest of music, And fill ye with beauteous sound These our so lovely and flourishing lindens And this our happy Muses’ choir! 2. Recit. (T) The quiet Pleisse plays Amidst its gentle ripples. The greening bank perceives Now also its new forces And doubles inward-stirring humors. All gleams with clover and soft moss; There bloom the many lovely flowers; Aloft to Flora’s fame and honor Itself a plant here now doth raise And would its growth exhibit. And Pallas’ charming grove Itself in lustrous raiment would renew. Castalian Muses sing their lyrics, The nymphs forever to and fro are coming And would, now here, now there, among our lindens Do what? The charming site and place Of their fairest goal and aim discover! For this glad day to

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I. Bach: Auf, schmetternde töne der muntern trompeten / Ton Koopman

Playlist: youtube.com Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685 – 1750 Auf, schmetternde töne der muntern trompeten, BWV 207a ~ March ~ Chorus: Auf, schmetternde töne der muntern trompeten Faye Newton, soprano Maarten Engeltjes, alto Bernhard Berchtold, tenor Klaus Mertens, bass Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir Conducted by Ton Koopman