Emile Waldteufel – Estudiantina (Op. 191, Waltz)

planet-vienna.com … Very popular Waldteufel waltz. Lively spanish melodies after Paul Lacome. ?????????????

You can download the score from the video: Estudiantina (Waldteufel)

My Choice 276 – Émile Waldteufel: Estudiantina

CORRECTION: On opening screen it says that Waldteufel was German – in fact he was French. Error regretted. We’re showing pictures of beautiful cacti and flowers since the music is quite “flowery”. The Estudiantina waltz, or Band of Students Waltz is a musical arrangement, made in 1883, by Émile Waldteufel, which would be his Opus 191, No. 4. Its melody was composed earlier in 1881 by Paul Lacome, with lyrics by J. de Lau Lusignan. Waldteufel first adapted it to a two-piano version, and later to an orchestral version with which classical music audiences are familiar today. The main melody is universally recognized by Americans of a certain age as the Rheingold Beer jingle, with the words “My beer is Rheingold the dry beer”. Émile Waldteufel (German for forest devil) was born in Strasbourg to a Jewish Alsatian family of musicians. His father Louis had a respected orchestra, and his brother Léon was a successful musician. When Léon won a place to study violin performance at the Conservatoire de Paris, the entire family followed him there. It was in Paris that Waldteufel would spend the rest of his life. We’ve used this Waltz in our Malta: Panorama 3 video on our jasalf5959 channel but thought it would be best to also have it with this music channel.Video by Alfred with the help of Choy Hong (Jasmine) Grech, Mosta, Malta. © jasalf5959 – 2010 ===================================== Our Youtube Channels are: 1) jasalf5959 MASTER Link: (Malta related videos) youtube.com 2

Can you interpret this classical dream? I had a dream where I saw the NYC skyline from the Hudson, around dawn. From the shadows a low Eb emerged, steady and sustained, gradually it became more filled out into an Eb major, until there were divided strings playing pentatonic scales (kind of alla Allman Brothers in Mountain Jam) this kept going as the sun brightened for a solid three minutes. Then suddenly as the sun rose, it changed to Ab major, and I saw three aquatic tarts swimming around. I first assumed they were refugees that moved into the Hudson back when Giuliani made homelessness illegal, but they started singing instead of playing sax, so I knew something else was up. I could not understand the words but they seemed to be singing about a beer I remember from my youth. Back then it was sung about to the tune of Waldteufel’s Estudiantina Waltz #1, and was about a magical beer that could be found wherever you find beer, and had a ten minute head, since it was brewed extra dry. Then I noticed a man, who needed a chiropractor badly, was flirting with the aquatic tarts. He wasn’t too nasty, not like a construction worker can be, but they kept teasing him. I felt it was cruel and unwarranted, and he did get upset. So he renounced love, and after stealing from shiny yellow metal from the tarts, he moved to an underground sweatshop to make rings and stuff.Suddenly I heard Leonard Nimoy singing a song about Fodo Baggins, the most heroic hobbit of them all, and realized I was become awake.What could this dream mean? What relevance does this have to NYC? Is it a premonition of some sort?Alberich -wo bist du? Wissen Sie es nicht?I apologize to Leonard Nimoy for misspelling “Frodo”, a hint relating to a simialr story.I apologize for misspelling “similar”, and for apologizing so muchAdditional dream details; Briefly; A man with issues with his wife, and carrying a spear, has problems with 2 contractors, who, unlike most contractors, have finished a project for him on time. He has credit problems, so must use one of his relatives as collateral. She is beautiful of face, has a hot body, and nice apples. He can’t bully the contractors since they are as big, or bigger than, Shaq. So he, with the help of a guy who seems to be a version of a Native-American coyote/trickster figure, con the jeweller with the underground sweatshop, and steal his bling supply. They exchange this for his relative with the nice apples, so he and his relatives can move into their new exclusive gated community. A guy with a hammer, but no nails, makes a multicolored bridge they all cross to enter their new abode. I have the feeling that all is not ending well, since I am haunted by the aquatic tarts, who still are without their shiny yellow metal, which implies karmic imbalance.edit , i jones; He would more likely take offense to Nimoy’s singing, I prefer Shatner’s “Mr Tamborine Man”.As for tarts, Paris, Miley, and Lindsay come to mind, but we know better.Great art is eternal, perhaps there is something modern man can learn from pre-TV conciousness.I hope someone really gets this before Mr. Levine starts off the show.There is no tie to middle earth, that was not part of the dream, but waking reality, but a cursed ring, is that a clue?

You can download the score from the video: Estudiantina (Waldteufel)

I encourage you to try and play these notes from memory. You may be amazed in what you find.I may be able to help with some of the other motifs.A Harbor- seeking refuge until you can collect your thoughts.The homeless- A sign of lost faith or belief.Stealing- Can signify unrealized or unfulfilled goals.The relevance to NYC?If you have visited or lived there- You may be experiencing some feelings or unfinished expression of emotions that are triggered by a waking situation. I hope this helps.Edit: My, how well orchestrated your dreams are. Is this a lucid dream?As much of a fan of Leonard Nimoy’s poetry and hobbits as I am, I’m afraid I could not find any reason for that.In this second movement, however, seems to convey much of the meaning of the first.The relationship with the man and his wife suggests trying to resolve internal conflict or unsettled issues in waking life.Broken jewelry is merely a disappointment in achieving goals. (don’t worry about the tarts)You were right not to trust the coyote, it denotes deception and weakness.The good news is the construction symbolizes a new surge of energy.I’m confident everything will turn out fine.The modulation effect of this dream moves this forum into a new area as well.Well done!Edit: Does this have something to do with Mr. Levine’s lecture today,”Wagner’s Forging of the ring?”The lecture is on the interaction of drama and music in Das Rheingold, Die Walkure, and Siegfried.The NYC connection is becoming clearer.

J. R. R. Tolkien might take more offense at the misspelling of Frodo.Wagnarian Opera is so 1832 to 1882. And frankly, I’m not sure that the Hudson leads to Valhalla. Maybe the East River, but not the Hudson. I could see this set by the Niagara, though Buffalo isn’t Valhalla either. The vertical ascent and decent could be used to good effect. You could also score for the “Thunder sheets”.Have you names for your “Hudson River Tarts”? Aaliyah, Tiffany, and Isabella.And what is there to tie NYC to Middle Earth . Oh, “One Ring to Bind Them”. so depending on who you get to play the part of “beautiful of face, has a hot body, and nice apples” may get me to go see this production. 🙂