Franz Liszt-Der Alpenjäger (Schiller)-Louis Landuyt,baryton-Catherine Van Loo,piano

Franz Liszt,-Lied-texte de F.Schiller

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Liszt – Wilhelm Tell Songs v.2 – Drei Lieder aus Wilhelm Tell

Pianist Artem Belogurov collaborates with Soprano Farah Darliette Lewis on Liszt\’s Wilhem Tell Songs, second version, s.292b, published in 1855. Performed January 13, 2011 at St. John\’s Episcopal Church, under the auspices of the “JP Concerts” series and Mr. Peter Terry. The following are notes I made in researching the songs for performance, and are thus quite informal. Drei Lieder aus “Wilhelm Tell” (1860) 1. Der Fischerknabe (Es lächelt der See) 2. Der Hirt (Ihr Matten lebt wohl) 3. Der Alpenjäger (Es donnern die Höh\’n) The original versions were composed for tenor voice & piano in 1845, (S.292a) and published in 1847 by Haslinger (Vienna) The 2nd version (ours) S.292b were revised/composed for soprano or tenor voice & piano, 1855 and published in 1859 by Kahnt (Leipzig). At the same time, he orchestrated these versions for voice & orchestra, 1855 (S.372), though those weren\’t published until 1872 by Kahnt (Leipzig). The original Liszt works are beautiful, quite dramatic and virtuosic for both the piano and vocal parts. However, the texts for these songs have very specific cultural & dramatic references in that, the author of the Wilhelm Tell play (Schiller) wrote them to be sung to “Ranz des Vaches” (“procession of the cows”) melodies which are Swiss Mountain songs originally sung by shepherds while working or grazing dairy cows. They are the types of \’stereotypical\’ melodies heard on Swiss alp horns, and so will often have the chord progressions, intervals and themes