Piano Duet by Angeni & Arthur: WA Mozart — Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791): Rondo alla Turca (Turkish March). It was such a delightful moment when Angeni and Arthur got this duet score at their teacher\’s studio. Angeni has tried this piece a little more than a year ago but Arthur has been waiting for his hands to grow since then … Here we have two videos connected together, the obvious difference is that they switch their position for primo and secondo. The second video has part of duet (start from the E section at 6:25 till the end) improvised by this little team. At the time they got the music score, this section was accidentally missing. They happily started right away but soon discovered that those pages they had did not sound like to bring their play to the end (head scratching …) So they decided to make it complete according to the original composition. After one week on their next lesson they got the missing pages from their teacher therefore now they have two versions of this duet. It is the first time they tried a little bit of improvisation, well, not exactly perhaps, they tried to improvise the last part of the duet based on the original composition. They have tried to make such effort on other works posted before, ie “the Sound of Music” and “Stars and Stripes Forever” without satisfaction. It took some courage for them to present it here 🙂 Thank you for listening! Comment/suggestions welcome and will be sincerely appreciated!Honors for this video (4) #64 – Most Discussed (Today) – Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Turkish Rondo (Full Score) sheet music is available online.

Turkish Rondo by Mozart for Tuba / Euphonium

“Turkish Rondo” (“Rondo alla Turk”) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged for Tuba / Euphonium Duet, performed by the arranger. Part of “20 Duets for Low Brass,” arranged by Peter Opaskar. Sheet music available worldwide from Cimarron Music Press: cimarronmusic.com TubaPeter: tubapeter.com Sheet Music Plus: sheetmusicplus.com Or ask for it at sheet music stores. Recordings, MP3s, CDs, etc. available from: CDBaby: CDBaby.com Apple iTunes: phobos.apple.com Visit: TubaPeter.com http MySpace.com Twitter.com