Robert SCHUMANN: Op. 15, No. 7 (Träumerei)

Cubus plays Träumerei in F major by Robert Alexander Schumann. Playlist with all musical pieces by SCHUMANN posted by cubusdk: Sound: Ultimate Pno [003] on Roland RD-700GX. Reverb: Redline Reverb plugin, Preset: Stadium, 30 % wet. Links to an mp3 of this version and sheet music can be found at

Download digital sheet music: op.15 No.7 (Robert Schumann) and play it off-line

Schumann: Träumerei, op. 15 no. 7 ?????? (?????)

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) was one of the most influential composers of the romantic era and the leader of the 19th-century German romantic school. Schumann belonged to the “first generation” of 19th-century romantic composers (along with Berioz, Mendelssohn, Chopin, and Liszt) and was especially gifted composing in smaller forms, such as character pieces and songs. Schumann drew much of his musical inspiration from literature and stories and also happened to be a lucid writer and music critic, having founded the “New Journal for Music” in 1834. Get Schumann\’s complete Album for the Young: Get Schumann\’s Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15 (includes Träumerei): Get Piano Music of Schumann, Volume 1: BachScholar™ Website: Buy Albums and MP3s: Download Bach Tempo Studies: