Dear friends,

Greetings to all of you who are reading this message – you are welcome at my new blogspot!

The times when all musicians rushed to the music shops in order to purchase a sheet music book with a collection of their favorite composer have passed. Today, besides those who are still dedicated to traditional music-store-hunting, there is a growing number of those who switched to a somewhat more modern and comfortable way of getting their music materials – and that is, of course, over Internet. However, Internet is not such an ideal place either, as it’s full of content that may not always be considered as worth-while.

This is exactly one of the reasons for me to start this sort of blog. Looking at the title it become more or less clear what is going to be found on here. I believe it is pretty much in demand – an opportunity not only to just find a good piece scored in a quality way, but also to be able to print that piece at home or in any office and choose when exactly you would like to perform it. You select what you need and you take it, what can be easier. I’m the one who has always enjoyed the freedom of choice, as well as you probably do too. The right of choice makes you operate more effectively, and that is what matters a lot nowadays.

Let’s see what we can get.